Anniversary - Day 3

I awoke on my third morning near the Continental Divide. It was not what I had been expecting. I had expected soaring mountains. But in southern Wyoming it is a plateau.

I passed such garden spots at Sinclair, Wyoming. This town is the namesake of the oil company of the same name. Other than a refinery and some railroad tracks there was not much to see in the metropolis of Sinclair.

Wyoming is huge. It took a full day of driving to cross it. I was glad when I had.

The land scape changed almost immediately upon entering Utah. I was awestruck with the rock formations, mesas, deep valleys. The drive through northeastern Utah was glorious. I stopped frequently to look at the scenery.

My anxieties had yielded to my sense of adventure. This was fun. I took my time all the way into Salt Lake City.

Then came the next big change just west of Salt Lake. It was thousands of square miles of salt flats all the way to Nevada. Hot, salty and depressing. What a god-awful place.

I got across Utah as quickly as I could. The salt flats ended at the Nevada line. It was now thousands of square miles of kitty litter with mountains. Again, I was not impressed. Additionally, it was flaming hot

I drove on.

Finally, about one hundred miles east of Reno I stopped. The next day I would be in California. All that stood in my way now were the last few miles of Nevada, the Sierras, California's San Juaquin Valley, and I would be home, home to the Pacific.


Blogger John said...

This is my home you are talking about. I love Utah. There are surely some desolate and inhospitable places and the salt flats is one of them. But, there is also secrets and mysteries to be found in these bad lands. I have often wondered what would happen if the state of Utah would allow and artist to use a small portion of the Great Salt Flats as a canvas to paint a picture. What a surprise people would have flying over that place. Thank you for your pictures.

Friday, July 29, 2005 6:43:00 PM  

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