OK, Moving Everything to BloggerBeta

New Blog: MontereyJohn California Photography

Beta just has too many good features to remain on blogger.


Photoblog Has Moved to MontereyJohn California Photography

I have been wrestling a bit with just what to do with a blog. My phtography is important to me, but so are other things in life, like family, humor and the like. I tried to do all that in one place over the last year or so, and it just did not work. It was neither fish nor fowl. The solution to this problem was obviously to have two different blogs, and that is what I did, at first.

At the same time my son Will fired up his own blog, and I lent a little assistance as to the mechanics of how that is done. I ended up making a minor contribution. So I guess I really am into three blogs... but wait, then there are the videos. I wanted them to have their own home. Now it is four blogs!

That's enough.

So here they are by subject matter:

Photography: MontereyJohn California Photography
General Interest / Family etc: Monterey/John
Videos: MontereyJohn II
Son Will's Blog: That's Life
If anyone is of a mind, feel free to visit any or all of them.

Lots of Ava Stuff Found at "That's Life"

My son Will has put up all sorts of stuff with regard to Ava at his blog, "That's Life."

Will's Tribute to Ava's First Year

Call the Vatican - Manu at San Francisco Daily Photo Nominated for Canonization!

Photoblog has moved to MontereyJohn California Photography.

Terrible Pun.

Just when I was thinking about acquiring a DSLR, actually dying of envy as my son just got one, Manu offers up his Canon Rebel at a great price because, as he says, I don't take pictures of birthday parties. As I'm "between jobs" I really needed a break if I was going to get a DSLR. My God has a great sense of humor and irony.

Saint Manu, has a ring to it, doesn't it?


Well, It seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Photoblog has moved to MontereyJohn California Photography.

In California, you take signs like this seriously!

3000 feet up, 20% grade on a dirt road clinging to the side of a mountain. Trucks not recommended indeed. Think I'll walk next time.

Another Day in Paradise

Photoblog has moved to MontereyJohn California Photography.

Now that I have completed my obsessive/compulsive setup of the photoblog for which I expect tons of praise and admiration, I'll turn my hand to doing a bit of writing... about the obsessive/compulsive photoblog thingie.

You may have noted that I expect tons of praise and admiration for this wonderful creation. So what did I do? When I set up the comments section I "accidentally" blocked comments. I am sure my old shrink would have thought that something other than an accident. "Just another self-defeating behavior because you don't deserve success, happiness or love, do you, John? How does that make you feel? What do you need?" What an a-hole!

What I needed was to un-block the comments, so I did so. That's what I needed and now I feel fine. (How many visitors weren't able to comment before I fixed it? Aaaaah!)


New Direction(s) for MontereyJohn

Photoblog has moved to MontereyJohn California Photography.

Welllllll... having removed the necessity for "professionalism" from this humble blog by opening the photoblog, I can now put more personal stuff here without detracting from my other work. That's good and bad. The good is that I can do it at all. The bad is that it needs to be somewhat interesting and artful. Oh, the burdens of creativity! As a buddy of mine would call it, "Creative Blathering." I will try and enjoy the experience.

Let's see how this goes. I'll give it a try. I'll put up links to things other than photoblogs. I'll try to relate life as it is here in California. I'll continue to post images apropriate to the subject matter.... like this one:

Click on photo for full sized image.


Welcome "That's Life" (My Son Will) to Ye Olde Blogroll

Like father like son! Needless to say his first post is of his skydive last weekend. Pay him a visit here when you get a chance.

Postscript: Will has posted, along with his video, a wonderful narative of his experience.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Strictly Photography - MontereyJohn California Photography at Blogger Beta

Well... Sedona Scenery has me curious about this, so I started formatting a new blog over there. It is actually interesting, but limited functionality at this point. I do like some of the additional bells and whistles, especially in the sidebar.

Take a look at MontereyJohn California Photography and see what uou think of it.